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JSIME COLLECTIVE takes a minimalist and sophisticated approach to luxury streetwear. Rooted in experimentation and exploration, JSIME™ applies the best manufacturing techniques to create elevated aesthetics and fashion pieces suitable for Miami.

The Founder and Creative Director, Jose Sime, created the label as a vehicle to make the consumer feel comfortable in his/her own skin. Exuding a familiar nostalgia, Jose’s love for the color black drives him to create pieces that express emotions via the utilization of dark motives, resulting in unpretentious, yet very captivating garments.

A Miami-native brand, JSIME™ studies the introspective journey towards the liberation of the shadow-self. Every piece compels you to look inwards, and peel off the layers that usually shelter your true self, while maintaining a non-disturbing approach to style.

Our online boutique, JSIME COLLECTIVE, delivers exclusive capsules throughout the year, outside of any fashion calendar. We do not mass produce; we don’t run with fashion calendars or industry trends; we have our own agenda we like to follow.

Our Part in Sustainability

One of our main principals is to create timeless fashion while minimizing our carbon footprint on Earth. That is the reason why we don't run with the typical fashion calendars. Our collections are deployed only when they are ready; we don't run with seasons or trends, thus making our collection pieces timeless.

Our manufacturers are hand-picked and vetted. Below are some of the requirements we take into consideration before engaging a production company. 

  • Circular material flow / closed loop systems / cradle to cradle

  • Eco-friendly production & packaging

  • Emission reduced production

  • Fair, social & ethical

  • Handcrafted products

  • Good quality materials

  • Organic materials


Another initiative we will be exploring next year is what we call "Garment Revival Movement". Earth already has enough clothing, that’s why we intent to partner with local seamstresses and tailors to bring back to live garments that had their glory days in the past, and give them a new purpose in the present. 


Creating Miami's LUX-Street Look :
We Can Also Layer!

As designers we felt the responsibility to create a Miami catalog of garments that could be layered, we've been chiseling away, creating the New Miami Street Look you see now in our campaigns.

Surprisingly it it’s not compiled by tank tops and cropped tops (which we still carry), but instead there is a new language communicating freedom through the utilization of very specific fabrics.

Developing a visual language that was suitable for Miami’s weather. It wasn't just about the visual, but also about the functionality of it, that’s how specific fabrics and construction came into place.

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