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Albert Beltran / AKA: Ben Bonito

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Albert Beltran / AKA Ben Bonito

Ben Bonito is a multifaceted artist based in Miami. After graduating with a Bachelors in Fashion from the Miami International University of Arts and Design, he moved to New York to pursue his fashion career.


Fast forward a few years, and now back in Miami, Ben has been developing his image as a multimedia model. He has worked with the likes of Swae Lee, Jay Wheeler, and most recently with Tokisha and Tainy for the new Netflix series: "Rebel Moon"


Below is a casual conversation with Ben Bonito, with commentary from Jose Sime (JSIME). We hope you enjoy this collaboration between two artists united by fashion under the sunny landscape of Miami.  

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What inspired you to pursue a career as a model?

"My ink; honestly never thought I'd be on camera. the ink pushed me."

JSIME: I can relate to that. I find a lot of inspiration in old school photography that depicts a counter culture attitude. Tattoos have always been a source of creativity for me as well. I remember when I was a kid I used to draw self portraits with tattoo sleeves and piercings, I was obsessed LOL.

What's your creative process when you think about a new photoshoot project?

"Depending on the mood of the project, I pull inspirational images, movies and previous projects."

JSIME: Naturally, modeling and fashion have a symbiotic relationship so the creative process is very similar. I find myself collecting images from various magazines and other designers I admire. It's all about developing a constant stream of creative stimuli; consequently, feeding the creative muscle just makes the process flow a lot smoother.


What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done in your life?

"Partying for days on end, LOL"

What is a talent you wish you had?


How do you start your typical day?

"With a huge glass of water and a little music."


How did you come across JSIME COLLECTIVE, and what was your initial thought?

"I found it at a high-end art gallery in  Miami, 
my initial thought:
- I need that, LOL"

JSIME: It's crazy how things happen. You never know who you're going to meet and where, so you have to be ready to showcase your product at all times. I am always repping my own gear; it is my passion, my art, my product. When I met Albert, I was getting tattooed at the same venue where my brand was being sold. He saw what I was wearing and we immediately connected, the rest is history. 

What's your take on Jose Sime's concepts and why do you support his vision?

"His concepts are timeless, the future. I see a forward-thinker with a season-less approach to a well balanced darkness."

Stay connected and Keep up with Ben Bonito in his social media channel @iambenbonito



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